Keeping Grease and Other Foreign Substances from Causing Plumbing Problems

Properly maintained household plumbing will often provide years of service without trouble. Homeowners and residents can help with this by observing a few simple rules that can make residential plumbing even more trouble free.

One of the most important of these is never to put or allow grease or fat of any kind to enter plumbing. It can be tempting to pour a small amount of cooking oil directly into a drain but, over time, this will be a recipe for plumbing disasters. Although small amounts of grease will not produce any obvious troubles, further additions will clump up in the same spots. Over time, a virtual wall will be formed inside pipes, leading to slower draining and, eventually, complete clogs.

Grease also traps anything else of a solid sort that might find its way into pipes. Substances as fine as hair and even small specks of dirt will get caught up in grease deposits, contributing to the growth of the blockage. Even just a little bit of grease allowed into a drain will lead to such issues over time, and it can be hard to even notice that they are developing at first.


This is why it always makes sense to pay attention to the way that household drains perform. A sink that starts draining more slowly than in the past can almost always use some work, as this is often a sign of a clog that is not far off.

The experts at drain cleaning gulfport hosts can typically take care of such issues in minutes, too. While some homeowners try to get by with chemical drain cleaners, these products rarely do a thorough job. By contrast, a quick visit from a professional equipped with a snake and other specialized tools will often deal with a developing clog for good.

If allowed to continue growing, these issues will undoubtedly lead to outright clogs. At this point, some help from one of the specialists offering emergency plumbing long beach residents rely on will become necessary. Although plumbing problems of this kind can be frustrating, the fact is that most of the issues can also be resolved quickly and at little expense.